For the wine connoisseur...

in all of us.

Have your cellar with you 24/7 - where ever you are we can ship your cellared wine to you!

WINE TO CELLAR was established in 2000 and is based at 26 White Street in Rotorua, the professional, purpose-built facility keeps your wine at a constant 13º.
The Wine to Cellar services include:

  • A premium wine cellaring service (short, medium and long term).
  • A range of options for sharing cellared wine with your friends or other special people (as a gift, or for an occasion).
  • The Cellarmaster's Choice - good wine for everyone.
  • Tasting information about wine to increase your understanding and overall wine experience.
  • Wine tasting events for corporate functions, partner programmes and private occasions.


"Mature and enhance your wine by Cellaring."

John Gifford