Helping you understand wine

Our Philosophy helps you to understsnd wine and offers a wine cellaring service so you can experience the special qualities and complexity of cellared wine.  In addition we offer a range of options to share cellared wine with other people to celebrate a special occasion, remember a special event or just to enjoy in a wine experience.

Our Beliefs

  • Give our customers and friends a unique and fulfilling experience.
  • Wine is better understood through knowledge, experience and sharing of knowledge.
  • Consider sustainability in everything we do – as sustainability is about living and improving our quality of life over the long term.
  • Be respectful, open and transparent in everything we do.

Our Products and Services comprises of

  • Our Wine cellaring activities (Wine to Cellar Co Ltd)
  • Our wine information website and cellared wine packages (

Wine to Cellar
Wine to Cellar was established by in 2000 to offer a custom wine cellaring facility.  Over the last 12 years our client base has grown  and we now take care of wines for many individuals based in New Zealand.  More info.

Click-on-Wine: is owned and operated by Wine to Cellar as a wine information resource and offers cellared wine  packages (More Info).  With so many wines available, an increasing number of quality wine growing regions,  and a huge choice in quality wine – how do you make choices?  Click-on-Wine.Com provides information on wine to help you understand its many attributes and characteristics.

Join us on our wine journey, its complexity and its enduring experience - there is just so much to find out about.

Having a wine cellar is fun and interesting.  Below are a few notes to get you started on developing your own cellar.
Feel free to contact us if you have further information that can be passed onto our friends.
Down load our article on: Aging and Cellaring Wine - Part 1