Dry River

Link: Dry River Estate

Dry River was established by Neil McCallum in 1979, when the first vines were planted on the Martinborough Terraces.  The goal of establishing Dry River Wines was to produce high quality regional wines which faithfully reflected the 'terroir', vintage and that were suitable for cellaring.  In subsequent years, plantings on the Martinborough Terrace increased and fruit from the more recent plantings at nearby Craighall and Arapoff vineyards were also used. Part of Craighall was ultimately purchased by the winery in 1997/8 and all of the Arapoff vineyard in 2002 - the latter being renamed 'Lovat Vineyard'. In 2002 the winery and vineyards were sold to New York businessman Julian Robertson and Californian viticulturalist Reg Oliver, who owned the El Molino winery in St Helena and who died in 2005.

In the period from 1979 to this point the area of vineyards owned by Dry River had increased from eight acres to approximately 30 acres under cultivation. The new owners have provided the means for necessary winery expansion and re-equipment to meet its present needs and technical requirements for what had become a winery with an outstanding international reputation. The vineyard has a  production of about 3,000 cases/annum.  This is definitly one of my favourites for cellaring from Martinborough.