Blog: Wine to Cellar

  • New evidence supports the cellaring of wine at constant cool temperatures
    Some Italian food researchers tested 400 bottles of Sangiovese wines stored in "standard" domestic conditions and a purpose built cellar. The results were very interesting and open up the opportunity to now reliably test for the provenance of wine.
    Posted: Wednesday 27 August 2014 , 2 Comments
  • Merlot, its signature characteristics and a versatile food match!
    Merlot tends to have soft tannins, low acid and it is easier to ripen as ripening is relatively early in the season. Merlot also has some interesting signature characteristics which give it an edge when matching it with certain foods.
    Posted: Saturday 9 August 2014
  • Syrah young, old and cellared - how do they go with food?
    Syrah comes in many different styles which results in many different flavour characteristics. But the big questions are should Syrah be cellered to get the most from it? And what foods should be matched with aged Syrah?
    Posted: Friday 1 August 2014 , 1 Comments
  • Riesling and matching it with food
    Riesling is an interesting wine variety to match with food. In some ways it is an ideal match for many foods, but then there are some food combinations that will struggle with certain styles of this wine. Is some knowledge of a selected Riesling needed to make the perfect food match?
    Posted: Sunday 20 July 2014 , 1 Comments
  • As wine ages so do its characteristics, it therefore goes without saying that the types of food that may go with a wine also changes after a period of careful storage.
    Posted: Sunday 13 July 2014 , 1 Comments

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