Sharing Wine

To  share cellared  wine with others or to give it as a gift:       Buy a cellaring package now        

  • Select and purchase the wine you would like to share from one of our partners
  • The case(s) or bottles  are sent to "Wine to Cellar".
  • "Wine to Cellar" send the initial consignment of wine to the person you would like to receive it.
  • Depending on which option  you choose the recipient will receive  2, 3 or 4 bottles of wine over a  2 - 3 year period respectively.  Other options are available on request.
  • See table below to select  the option and price that suits.
  • Allow a minimum of 15 calendar days between purchasing your wine and the date for receiving the first consignment.  If a shorter time is required contact us.
  • If you live or want to send wine outside New Zealand, contact us for further information and pricing.

Note: our cellaring options can be paid for either in full or in installments on an annual basis.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars.  Contact us for quotes in other currencies.

Buy a cellaring package now


Arawa Wines, Rotorua

Scenic Cellars, Taupo

Fine Wine Delivery Company, Auckland