Cellaring Services

Wine to Cellar provides the following services:

  • A fully personalised wine cellaring option - where we take care of all your wine cellaring and the supply of wine from your cellar
  • We custom cellar wine for a broad range of clients
  • We manage your cellar (place and remove wines from the cellar at the request of clients)
  • Maintain a full record of your cellar
  • You can order wines from your cellar via email (24/7)
  • We provide regular recommendations on wines you may wish to cellar
  • We provide up to date information on wines in your cellar
  • Advice on establishing a small cellar at home

Free Downloads

Wine to Cellar brochure - Brochure for Wine to Cellar (PDF)
Wine to Cellar: A guide to cellaring wine: The history and introduction to wine cellaring - Introduction to wine cellaring.

Wine Cellaring Prices

Our cost for cellaring wine is based on the number of bottles stored - the more bottles stored then the cheaper it is on a per bottle basis. Our starting rate is $50 (plus GST) per 12 bottle case for 12 months (a year) and this reduces to $45 (plus GST) per 12 bottle case for 12 months when you have over 20x12 bottle cases stored. Freight and packaging are charged at cost plus 5%. All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars. For other services, please contact us for quote or further price information.

(Note: quoted prices may vary from the above due to specific circumstances)

Do you wish to cellar wine?  

For further information go to our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) or contact us by phone now -  +64 (0)7 3436765 or Mobile +64 (0) 21 853659. If you live outside New Zealand and would like to start a cellar of New Zealand wines - we can assist you.  Contact us.